A Company on the Move

Superior Carriers is going places! In our drive to maintain excellence in bulk logistics, we're reaching new quality benchmarks, new geographic locations, and new standards of service. For over 60 years Superior Carriers has exemplified “Quality in Motion,” achieving ever higher levels of performance while fulfilling our customers’ needs.

We are one of a family of companies within
Superior Bulk Logistics (SBL), among the largest bulk truck carriers in North America. As such, our financial resources allow us to develop diverse, value-added services to supplement our core bulk truck operations – from multi-modal Transportation Management System (TMS) technology solutions to onsite logistics management to bulk transloading operations. Superior Carriers is experienced in a wide range of liquid and dry bulk products, with broad geographic coverage that locates us close to the customers we serve.

With well-established operations in Mexico and Canada, Superior Carriers makes it easy to efficiently and economically transport a wide range of bulk products to virtually any destination in North America.

The Finest Fleet in the Industry

Superior's well-maintained equipment sets industry standards for performance and appearance.  Our modern tractor fleet is designed with the comfort and efficiency of our drivers in mind.  Our tank trailer fleet is well below industry average age, with a diversity that reflects its versatility:  DOT 407 (single/multi-compartment as well as triaxle for Maine); self-loading, dry bulk pneumatic; fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) for corrosive liquids; deep drop tanks for viscous liquids; and lightweight tanks for maximum payloads.

Dedicated drivers and equipment are available for specialized applications. We welcome the opportunity to develop a comprehensive distribution program tailored to your unique needs.

Superior Carriers Liquid Bulk Tank

The Renowned "Superior" Service

Day in and day out, we live up to our name with quality-driven logistics planning and execution, managed by a knowledgeable team who works onsite or offsite with your organization.

Superior's management information systems provide timely, accurate data for optimum information sharing and performance reporting. Our web site offers customer-accessible
Shipment Tracking for current status reports, as well as Employee Verification for transportation security. Satellite communication systems in all power units permit near-real-time communication between driver and dispatcher. Finally, our document imaging, Elemica TransLink™, electronic data interchange (EDI), electronic funds transfer (EFT), and TMS electronic load tendering capabilities speed administrative processes, improve data accuracy and reduce billing errors.

Wherever You Need Us...We're There!

From Mexico to Canada and everywhere in between, Superior Carriers provides bulk transportation services from 31 Terminal Locations. Headquartered in Oak Brook, Illinois, we are an ISO 9001-2008 registered company with quality standards that apply to all of our customer-critical processes, not just transport. Our ability to handle almost any product in any operating environment has far-reaching benefits for our customers. Geographically, we offer the best of both worlds: international service with a regional focus on customer needs.

Superior Carriers Tank Terminal Locations

Superior Carriers Terminal Locations Map

Other SBL companies work in tandem with Superior Carriers to deliver a full complement of bulk distribution services.
Carry Transit, one of the nation's leading food grade bulk truck carriers, provides similar services to the edible products industry. Our SuperFlo branded bulk transloading services allow you to combine cost-effective long distance rail transport with reliable tank truck delivery service.

Leaders in Safety, Environmental Awareness

To keep pace with safety, operational and regulatory changes, Superior requires all sales professionals, terminal managers, dispatchers, drivers and driver trainers to attend our Training and Development Center in Greer, South Carolina. This award–winning school provides job specific training, allowing attendees to become “generalists” and respond to customer needs with higher levels of expertise. Superior Carriers has garnered national acclaim for safety and quality performance, having received Carrier of the Year, Performance Improvement, and similar awards from some of the world's most recognized companies, industry publications, and the U.S. government.

As an American Chemistry Council Responsible Care® Partner company, Superior undergoes regular, independent RCMS audits and participates in educational and emergency response programs to protect our communities and natural resources. Superior's corporate culture fosters environmental stewardship, and we have a long-standing commitment to stringent environmental standards. This includes operating efficient wastewater treatment plants at those terminals with tank cleaning capabilities.

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